The V-6 Fiero consistantly accelerated from 0-30 in 2.2 seconds.
The Lamborghini Diablo manages 0-30 in 2.2 seconds
A 4-cylinder Fiero belting out only 370 bhp took the NHRA's Competition Eliminator title
at the Keystone Nationals on September 15, 1985 with a best 1/4-mile time of 9.72 seconds at 134.41 mph.
Several factory prototypes were made of a Fiero convertible.
Two prototypes were made in 1986 of a Fiero with an aluminum frame.
Fiero prototypes were running in 1978.
The Fiero had nearly 3 times as many sales as the MR2 during any given year in its life time.
The Fiero was the first American car to win in IMSA GTU.
Car & Driver called the Fiero, "One of the best cars in America"
and gave the Fiero a slot in their top ten best category.
The Los Angeles Auto Expo gave the Fiero their Design of the Year Award.
Spectators at the unveiling of the fastback Fiero mistook the GT version as a new Corvette.
GM had a problem of employees purchasing Fieros before the public had an opportunity.
This car is a quarter of a century old now 25 years making it a vintage car.
Most replica cars are registered as fieros as easily rebodied over constructing custom chassis.
There have been hundreds of various body panels available over it lifetime for this car.
The latest being a convincing Lamborghini Revolution.
Pontiac even sold a replica Ferrari 308/328 model called the Mera and many Fieros were also converted by dealers.

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